Ottawa Art Pep Rally

Ottawa Art Pep Rally


Ottawa is FULL OF ART! And we should all be excited about it! We’ve gathered a few artists and organizations that make this city fun for an evening of rainbows and magic! This one-night-only event will bring it all together and BLOW YOUR MIND!


Saturday, September 7, 2019 – 7:00pm
Queen St. Fare
170 Queen Street (at Parliament Station)

We’ve got music and dancing and lights and theatrics and crazy nonsense that you’ll have to see and hear to believe! Featuring Performances by:

Jumpin Joel Flash & The Magic Machine is exactly what you’re looking for. This indie folk rock/musical theatre outfit is a sweet mix of folk and southern twang featuring opera-rock vocals, bouncy rhythms, big happy harmonies, and the occasional rain stick interlude.

We create surprisingly hummable, temptingly strummable original tunes composed and performed in a manner that it is certain to make you smile. Our on-stage antics and comedy bits will make you laugh. Our lyrics will make your heart skip a beat. Our finale will make you a lifetime fan.

Beaugé (Beaugé Isthename)
Beaugé the Trill Hippy is representative of self love. The mantra “Thou shall love thyself” defines the purpose of uplifting others thru culture creation, communicating with and inspiring the listener. As the son of one Haîti’s most respected poets and novelists (Jacqueline Beaugé Rosier) and the nephew of a Haitian militant (Claude Rosier) who spent 17 years incarcerated by the Baby Doc regime for his beliefs; Beaugé’s art is the cumulative sum of his ancestry, the struggle, love, and a unique ability to connect beyond PURPOSE boundaries.

Surraya Dawn Aziz
Surraya Aziz is a former guest dancer with Propeller Dance. She has trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop, from age 5-present. She is a dance teacher in the city mostly teaching youth at risk, and folks with disabilities.

The Monotymes

The Monotymes were forged under the warm and welcoming glow of awe inspiring local acts like Sparklesaurus and Potential Red. We drew our inspiration from basement EP releases and evenings spent sitting cross-legged on kitchen floors talking about how much we admired and adored our ever-growing web of mutual friends playing music in Ottawa. We are just some kids who play indie-pop. Our songs are each their own catchy story, usually revolving around a character we see within ourselves or within our community. If you listen closely, you might find that you know this person too. We will always love to write about heartbreak in the most danceable way possible, we will always love tears and laughter and keyboards effects and arson.

Tev Bourque is a producer, sound engineer and composer. Native to the Ottawa area, Tev has worked with artists such as John Carroll and Amanda Lowe and is an active member in Ottawa’s music industry. With experience living and recording in West Africa, Tev is well-rounded in both analogue and digital technologies.

Tev’s latest album Colours is a multi vocalist collaboration focussing on the musical diversity of Ottawa. A fusion of several genres, the album features vocal work from several Ottawa area vocalists, including: Marie-Clo, Rita Carter, Paula Whitelocke, Amanda Lowe, Ceerouse, Thandie Dice, Fletcher G, Dominique Gorley, Ras Lee, Dynamic, Aspects, Jah’kota, and Yohannes Finesse.

Get your tickets now and set your calendar! ONLY TEN BUCKS! Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock….

Tickets here:

Promo Art & Photos by Kim Valentine!!!!

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