The Monotymes were forged under the warm and welcoming glow of awe inspiring local acts like Sparklesaurus and Potential Red. We drew our inspiration from basement EP releases and evenings spent sitting cross-legged on kitchen floors talking about how much we admired and adored our ever-growing web of mutual friends playing music in Ottawa. We are just some kids who play indie-pop. Our songs are each their own catchy story, usually revolving around a character we see within ourselves or within our community. If you listen closely, you might find that you know this person too. We will always love to write about heartbreak in the most danceable way possible, we will always love tears and laughter and keyboards effects and arson. 

I would say that we sound like the end of the summer. We sound like those moments where you are savouring every day and spending every moment you can with the people you love, yet over all the warmth and celebration hangs cloud, a sort of melancholy feeling. We hope that we can help you remember the end of the summer, your first loves and your old friends. Or you could just come dance?